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In  follow up to my last post I wanted to share with you awesome photography series. Upon volunteering at the Flash Forward Festival (http://www.flashforwardfestival.com/) I met Photographer Leanne Eisen (http://leanneeisen.com/section/49352_Play.html)  who did a series called “PLAY” with miniatures.  She states that she is “exploring the possibility of the same staging taking place with the prolific, but publicly hidden occupation of prostitution”. I found  her perspective on this very interesting.

Photographer Lizzie Vikery (http://www.lizzievickery.com/gallery/?g=02-Minor%20Occuranceshowcases) the miniature world also but in a different theme called “Minor Occurance”

Check out these photographers and their different takes on the miniature world which can be disturbing to some but also creative to others! Let me know what you think!



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If you are a female and you are reading this you will get exactly what I am going to talk about! Remember when you were a child and you played with your little dolls, your doll houses and everything was made your size? Well I just discovered a whole new world that I might just tap into: modern miniatures… That’s is small “doll houses” that has little couches, little chairs, and other home décor. I didn’t know the market was soo big for these small things! I think you can really add a little personality to your home with these miniatures.  My interests piqued into miniatures from a blog I read daily (www.jessicaclaire.net) and she talked about her little modern chair miniatures. I thought they were so cute and decided to do some research. To my surprise there is a lot of cool miniatures out there! Here are a couple of sites if you are interested:

Call of the Small: http://call-small.blogspot.com/

Miniatures by Annina http://anninagunter.blogspot.com/

Mini Modern: http://minimodern.blogspot.com/

Soo cute.. I love it ..

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I wish…

I’m sure all of us at one point in time have dreamt about a nice walk in closet where we can have a beautiful little oasis of clothes and better yet an organized closet. While surfing that net I found a closet designer by the name of Lisa Adams located in LA who professionally designs closet spaces. They look amazing and also makes me wonder where people get all these clothes from! LOL! I have posted a youtube video of a tour in one of her closet make overs. Check her out its pretty interesting!

LA Closet Design

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The Fro

I am a lover of natural hair and all the different styles you can do . I have been natural for about 2 years and yes it is a lot of work at times but soo worth it..With that being said one of my goals is to have a big huge fro like Measha Bruggergosman. Besides her beautiful hair she is an amazing female black opera singer! Check out her site

Photo: http://www.measha.com

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Blog Stalker

I love the internet and all that it has to offer! There is soo much information and cool stuff out there! Another thing that I love are blogs…One that I came upon is the natty urbanite (http://www.thenattyurbanite.com/) .. He has an interesting section on Torontians small home spaces. I thought it was pretty interesting! Check it out!!!

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Flash Forward Festival

Toronto is full of things to do! So with that being said, 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Flash Forward Festival. This event put on by Magenta Foundation, showcased photographers from the UK, US and Canada! It was an inspiring and fun experience! I met soo many great people and such amazing talented photographers work displayed!
Check out some photos I took from the event!!!

Click here For more information about the

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags……. :S

I nearly died of laughter when I saw this! I’m not sure if many of you have problems with people stealing your lunch.. :S BUT.. if you do, I think this would be a nice prank to play on someone! I think it would be something I would do.. Just saying…If you’re hungry and you need some food just ask.. don’t steal…

Check them out here:

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