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As many of you know I am a big believer in thrifting! In other words I like to go value village or Good will and rummage around to find some wonderful items. I have been lucky enough to come across some pretty unique items. I really encourage you all to have an open mind and try it! With that being said, I came across a group of young people called The Art of Reuse. They take used items from thrift stores and REUSEthem into some dope clothing pieces! I am really hoping they have another pop up shop because I will be on that like white on RICE! Anyway, check out the video about them!!!

You will have to go to the link to get the video!!


Prelude to Interim (Documentary) from The Art of Re-use on Vimeo.



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The Fro

I am a lover of natural hair and all the different styles you can do . I have been natural for about 2 years and yes it is a lot of work at times but soo worth it..With that being said one of my goals is to have a big huge fro like Measha Bruggergosman. Besides her beautiful hair she is an amazing female black opera singer! Check out her site

Photo: http://www.measha.com

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When was the last time you actually got something for FREE? Exactly, a long time!! Well, I recently came upon this website while I was at my massage therapist!My therapist told me it was called SHOUT CAST!! AND ITS FREE!! Its such a good site! Free music of all genres 24/7! Anyway, it also opens you up to new artists! I love it!
Check it out! ITS FREE!!!

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I really love Concreteloop because it keeps me up to date with the celebrities and with fashion.. So what that said I need to get on this Minx nail hype! So what is Minx nails you ask. ” The latest alternative to nail polish, Minx Nail is made of flexible filmstrips that are applied with heat and pressure. Unlike polish, Minx doesn’t chip, smudge or require drying time, and comes can be custom made to your liking.” (Concreteloop)

I did some research and found that that a Salon in Ajax does it! However, my only concern is about the heat and pressure! I wonder if its just as damaging as getting fake nails!? Anyway, I will do some more research and update everyone on this.

Minx Nails check it out!!!

(Photo Credit: Concreteloop)

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Jill Scott is hot.. I love her style her hair everything.. and I Love this dress she is wearing… I think I have to buy it..
Its a Monif C dress…

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Its been a rough week for my friend Rach and I so we decided to go out dancing.. Peep my photo of my outfit.. the only problem I had with it was the skirt was too big and it keep falling off.. and I wish I wore some heels.. time to go shopping.. The skirt and purse is a VV purchase.. enjoy!!!

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Out and about!!

Last week when I went shopping at the VV… ( that the undercover term I use for Value Village, its sounds chi chi poo poo) and I decided it was time to debut my nice purple shoes that I got check it out!! Oh yeah, showing a shout out to 1loveto for the tshirt!!! http://www.1loveto.com/

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