I have been soo busy with life that it has been hard to update my photo blog! Anyway, in the meantime enjoy these sample photos from the last couple of weeks! More to come soon!


Hey Everyone!!
Without further or due, PLEASE check out this engagement slideshow for Katrina and CJ! They will be getting married in May and I am soo excited to shoot their wedding!!

Slide show to come soon!!! SLIDE SHOW HERE!!!!!!!!

Click Below the PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YUP, I still take photos! Its just been a long time! Enjoy these photos I took of the Defranco Twins 2 weeks ago! Please contact me if you have any photography needs!

As many of you know I have a blog that was just for photography natalieb05 and I think now is the time for change!! So with that being said, my new home will be this blog! I am a total believer in allowing my readers to see not just the photographer me but the ME as well! So over the next little while I will be trying to transfer most of my portfolio over her! Please bear with me during this time!!! Also, I have some sessions I will be shooting in the coming weeks so please look out for those as well!!!

This past week I attended the Hug Spa Party at Lux Spa !! It was a fun time with food, manicures and meeting some pretty amazing woman! After meeting all these amazing woman it has inspired me to blog more often and also to support other bloggers!!! So you will be seeing lots of me in the future! Check out Hip Urban Girl so that you can keep up to date with other events they may be having!! Oh yes check out my manicure!!!

During my little hiatus ( haha!) I have met some pretty amazing people! In October I volunteered with The Magenta Foundation in their Flash Forward Festival . I had an amazing time and met some pretty inspiring people! One of the people I met was Emily Mckinnes who is the founder of Eye Buy Art. In a nut shut Eye Buy Art is an curated online gallery that showcases emerging photographers from Canada, US and UK. Many of these photographers have been very sought after! SOO.. Emily offered me a Internship with her company and I gladly said yes!! Its only been about 2 months and I have learnt soo much from her! So check out her site and support new artists!!!

Sweet Nylie

A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful little baby named Nyile Skyy!! I am still booking for photography sessions! So please don’t hesitate to contact me! Check out the photos below for photos!!!