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Boom Bam..

Love this.

Well Dressed Men

I am all about men who can dress classy and keep it sexy…Love.



I don’t think I would ever get into my house if I had this lock. Merc.

My heart melted when I came upon this art project called “A Love Letter For You”. This project is based on a Philly graffiti artist who was in jail for parking tags and is on a artistic journey to win his wife and daughter back. After taking a look at some of the art my heart sank because you could really see the unending love he had! Most of the art is located in West Philadelphia on streets of the Market Corridor. I would love to check this out someday…
Take a look!!

Photo Courtesy of Steve Powers,

As many of you know I am a big believer in thrifting! In other words I like to go value village or Good will and rummage around to find some wonderful items. I have been lucky enough to come across some pretty unique items. I really encourage you all to have an open mind and try it! With that being said, I came across a group of young people called The Art of Reuse. They take used items from thrift stores and REUSEthem into some dope clothing pieces! I am really hoping they have another pop up shop because I will be on that like white on RICE! Anyway, check out the video about them!!!

You will have to go to the link to get the video!!


Prelude to Interim (Documentary) from The Art of Re-use on Vimeo.


We live in a day where most of us waste A LOT!!! Most of the things we are throwing out could actually be used again with a bit of creativity. Thanks to Think Magazine (http://thinkmagazine.blogspot.com) , I realized that there are many possibilities out there. I came across this company located in Cape Town, South Africa called Recreate. A company that takes old suitcases, chairs, etc and remakes them into beautiful furniture s and accessories for your home. I would love to purchase one of these items however the shipping is probably really hefty! In the mean time let me show you one of my favourite pieces!

Check out REcreate Here